Bodakdev AMC Auditorium,
Behind Rajpath club.
Ahmedabad 380059

By Daksha Sheth Dance Company

18 February, 2017 8:30 PM

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By IceCraft Dance Company
Performer – Sanjukta Sinha

19 February, 2017 8:30 PM

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By Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company

21 February, 2017 8:30 PM

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About Us

IceCraft Performing Arts Festival – The Dream Begins

Indian Classical dance is a 3000 years old tradition , so rich and diverse , nurtured over centuries by Guru Shishyaparampara. Dating back to centuries, compiled by sages and passed down the ages, the Indian Classical Dance has evolved through expressions, gestures, acting, steps and postures. In the time of kings and kingdom artists were nurtured by kings by giving them courtship in their kingdom. They supported the art and creative expressions of dancers and musicians. After the period of kingdom , the support is lost to classical dance and music. We at IceCraft believe that it is responsibility of corporate to come forward and support our centuries old rich cultural heritage

IceCraft is a philanthropic venture from Ice Group and we aim to promote Indian classical dance across India and across the world. Art and Culture is soul of our society and it’s our responsibility to nurture them. We are passionate about Indian art & culture and that drive IceCraft’s motto for taking the immense artistry of this country into the hearts of audience across the world. IceCraft, has been established with a vision to look at tradition with a modern mind, to explore the past to create a new, imaginative future.

With changing times, there is an urgent need to rejuvenate and re-connect this dance with the masses and seek its revival amongst the present generation. Hence, taking up the revivalist baton, IceCraft presents to you The IceCraft Classical Dance Festival to support our centuries old rich cultural heritage and give it the much needed corporate respite.

Explaining the thought behind the festival, Chirag Mehta, the founding visionary says, “Our primary aim is to engage the locals and to preserve our cultural and dance heritage. We intend to make this festival an annual calendar event. This should boost the tourism to the city too.”

Festival Core Aims

Besides giving the city a calendar event catering to the in-bound tourists, this festival will aim at engaging the locals driving the importance of preserving our cultural dance heritage.

Catering to the changing and evolved tastes, these productions, rooted in Indian Classical dance are contemporized to International flavours all with state-of-the-art Technology and Light Designs and pulsating music.

Chirag Mehta

The Founding Visionary of IceNet Group

A very popular and successful name in the corporate world, Chirag Mehta is a classic example of giving back to the society. A dynamic entrepreneur, Chirag utilizes Creativity, Leadership and Teamwork to design and execute ventures that create customer value with a purpose.

An accomplished tabla player, Chirag’s business strength lies in capitalizing on market opportunities besides creating new ones, like the dance festival.

An impassioned Gujarati poet, Chirag Mehta’s purpose it to revive Indian Classical Arts, beginning with the Performing Arts.




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