On being producer

IceCraft is a venture by Chirag Mehta. A technology virtuoso who pioneered the digital revolution in the western part of India, Mr Mehta is an ardent supporter of artistic expression. His passion for Indian art and culture drive IceCraft’s motto for taking the immense artistry of this country into the hearts of audience across the world. IceCraft is a philanthropic venture from Ice Group and this is his way of giving back to the society some of the joy that he has been privy to. Food and fashion is a way of life for Chirag. He enjoys travelling, cycling and exploring other cultures. The arts, he believes, are the most infallible of all bridges.


As someone who has been raised on a steady diet of classical dance, I’ve great admiration for Sanjukta’s mastery over the nuances of Kathak, which makes her a delight to watch. She continually pushes the boundaries of the traditional style and amalgamates contemporary forms into her artistry. Sanjukta is the kind of performer who redefines what we, the audience, have come to expect.

Chirag Mehta, Producer – IceCraft Creations


Icecraft is an international production house for the arts. We’re passionate about startling, spectacular, dynamic, human, searing, artistic expression; about art that makes you feel and think. And we’ve made a success out of putting together just what we’re passionate about.

We’re committed to creating a collaborative platform where courageous, unique and intelligent ideas can be shared with audiences across the world; where artistic narratives enjoy uncompromised support. We work with artists across cultures and disciplines, to produce ambitious and outstanding quality productions that ensure international acclaim and recognition as well as artistic and commercial success.

And just as much as we value the artistic spirit, we equally know and appreciate the audience. We pride ourselves on producing shows that are accessible to and enjoyable for all.

Work with us

We tour our productions to private shows, theatres and festivals throughout the world. We believe in ambitious experimentation and are committed to 360-degree collaboration. If you’re as passionate about your art/craft as we are about ours, let’s talk. (info@icecraft.in)

CSR initiative

For a country with a long and rich history of art (the first dance choreographies date back to 1000 BCE), we’ve shown immense ability to nurture the creativity and sensitivity of our society at large. As Lee Hall aptly said, “Art is the place where you understand your whole life from.” Every instance that an individual is excluded from art, we as a society, are all the poorer for it.

At IceCraft, we’re firm believers in Art for All: culture should not be an entitlement that is within the reach of a privileged few. To know more about our CSR activities and subsidized performances, please get in touch with us at info@icecraft.in